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Originally Posted by bleedgreen
the nnhlers used those retail patterns for at least the first two years of synergy existence, because they were all that easton would make, because the original molds to make the patterns were very expensive and they wanted to be sure it would take off before making more. alot of players used the sakic, and still do. i believe all the retail patterns aside from the yzerman (easton patterns anyway) are legal. they are all no more than a half inch - which is the legal limit....the dime is more of a estimation. they are all listed as half inch or less exept stevies 9/16 - which would obviously be slightly over. if youve seen an yzerman, thats how extreme it has to be to be illegal. if not, how come no one got called fror having an illegal one piece in the nhl for the first few years of synergy's? what about youth hockey? they all use the easton patterns, when have you seen someone get an illegal stick penalty in youth hockey of any level? almost all retail patterns are legal, it would be retarded for them not to be.

as for the previous post about thinking the iggy was illegal...dude, that thing is about as flat as they come. its not even close. i bet the only illegal ones are the yzerman, and maybe the thorton and coffey. leopold mission? thats about it.
Have you measured them on the official blade tool? I don't trust Easton's measurements. As a minor hockey coach my team was called on it twice before the rule was taken out. Both on Recchi curves. Alot of places have taken out the Illegal curve rule and most kids buy blades by which one is the biggest. It would be retarded for them to sell products that don't sell, and for the most part, an illegal curve outsells a legal curve at the younger levels. I have been told by shop members that the only legal curves are the Drury and Modano (ones that have a stick guage). This was before the Iggy came out. The reason nobody called them at the start is the same reason Ilya Kovalchuk isn't called every shift. It's still a risk and most consider it poor sportsmanship. They can say it's a 1/2" curve, but it depends on where they measure it from. It's the same thing with the stock lies.

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