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Originally Posted by PredsV82 View Post
Interesting perspective. We were hearing at one point that the KHL was going broke and teams were going to be folded and players were not being paid. The reason for this was said to be falling oil prices and the global economic downturn.

I take it from what you say this is not true??
I'd say that depends on the team. I've heard these kind of rumours too, but only about the smaller teams. This year, only rumours I've heard have been about Vityaz (their GM btw is Alexei Zhamnov).
And well:
That's pretty much the way Vityaz plays... Worst team in the KHL.

The bigger financial problems are over, at least what I've heard. There was big crisis in 2008-2009 when the worldwide financial crisis struck, but what I understand, that's long gone nowadays. But well, there seems to be really little anything in the net about the KHL in english and my russian's bit rusty, so I can't swear I'm telling the truth...

Although I doubt the biggest teams to have any financial issues, including Ufa.

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