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Originally Posted by BenchBrawl View Post
to be honest , even the worst goalie in this thing can get you to victory.That's what happens when you only have 32 players playing on 1 position , they are all strong.
Originally Posted by monster_bertuzzi View Post
Well, the difference between Henrik Lundqvist and Steve Mason is Maaaaaaasssive.

That should be the same type of relativity in our league.
That's why I most always take goaltenders early. That's the way I see it MB. I never understood why people are saying that the 30th goaltender can steal games and series, but the 30th best centre or defenceman or winger can't do the same. We're playing a fantasy game, but in real life all the players that we select have, at some point, been an all-star and talented player, capable of stealing games. It's now just relative, as we picked the best of the best.

Originally Posted by Hawkey Town 18 View Post
This is correct, and it goes both ways...the gaps between all players are smaller than they are at a single point in time in real life. The best guys like Gretzky and Orr won't be as far ahead of the average ATD player as they were ahead of the average NHL player went they were in the league. The same goes for the guys at the bottom of the pile, they won't be as far behind the average (or the best) as the worst at their position are in real life.
Well said. I never really was able to put these thoughts into proper wording, like HT just did.


Thanks for the nice words on Odie Cleghorn. I scan the list and looked at a few RW's, but at the end he was the only one that was standing out for the utilization I intend him to play. I'm happy he fell to 334th, because although I really like Nick Metz and thought he was the BPA as a checking winger, his competition are really close to him, and actually wouldn't mind a few options. I think Cleghorn at that point was standing alone in his tier, for the kind of player he is. I wouldn't of been happy to miss him, especially with Helmut Balderis also taken.

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