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11-11-2003, 10:18 AM
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Originally Posted by slats432
Agree to disagree dawgbone. The line of YDT wasn't even together last night despite the great chemistry you are eluding to.
Correct me if I am wrong... but they won last night correct? Torres scored 2 goals (both thanks to some good work by Smyth), York and Dvo chipped in 2 points... sounds like it worked out pretty well to me. Would you have been happier if they were left together and the Oilers lost?

And you think just because they are in the NHL means they are better coaches than what I could do.(When it comes to certain aspects of the job I would prefer Lowetide running the show other than MacT ) Just because a person is in a position means they are good at it. Lowe and MacT are buddies. Sather and Low are buddies, most recently Dudley and Ludzik are buddies.
For the most part, yes it does... buddies only get you so far if you don't get results. the Oilers have had more 90 point seasons in the 00's than they did in all of the 90's.

Playing in the NHL for many years and being an articulate and intelligent guy like Craig MacTavish gives him a certain amount of credibility when applying for an NHL job.
Maybe so... but he has taken a team that most "hockey experts" pick every year to finish 10th or 11th in the conference to a team that always finishes ahead of where everyone figures they should be.

I don't call MacT a bad coach. I say he knows nothing about setting line combinations and developing a cohesive unit like most teams do for their top units.(The pluses are his candor, his ability to motivate, his intensity, his attention to defense) Over the last two to three years he has proven my theory. Either that or there hasn't be a player intelligent or good enough to develop any chemistry within this team during MacT's tenure.
Here is a list of all the Oilers that have played on the top line in the past 4 years (not talking about a game or two here and there)

RW - Anson Carter, Ales Hemsky, Bill Guerin
C - Mike Comrie, Todd Marchant, Doug Weight
LW - Ryan Smyth, Jochen Hecht

Now, out of those players Hemsky and Smyth are in the lineup this year. Tough to build a completely cohesive unit when you have 8 players playing in the same spot and only 2 of them left. Add to the fact that there is no real superstar (the guy you can play for 26 minutes and put him on 4 different lines to jumpstart them... aka Modano), and your options are pretty limited when it comes to what you can do when your team, or half of it anyways, is struggling.

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