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11-11-2003, 10:25 AM
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Steve Staios: Special Teams Disaster

Steve Staios: Special Teams Disaster

I think he's a very good 5on5 defenseman, 4on4 too. He's picking his spots to jump up, playing some pretty tough minutes ... and always giving effort. So don't get me wrong, I like Staios, he's a solid guy and a decent defenceman. But it blows me away that he's getting so much ice time. Its too much, and it affects his play.

Part of it is because I'm tired of Ferraro praising Staios even when he screws up (are these two related or something?) and part of it is I just think Staios is not a very good PKer and is a terrible PP guy. It's not for lack of trying ... but he just isn't. He's a very good 22ish minute a night defenceman, that's it.

And Steve isn't getting much more ice-time than Smith and Brewer at 5on5 hockey ... so essentially the Oilers are wearing this guy down by playing him a swack of extra PK and PP minutes ... where he has been downright awful. I just can't see the reasoning.

As a PP guy: The Oilers outscore the opposition by a goal for every 34 minutes of time he is out there, that's worst on the team, even worse than Cory Cross for crying out loud :mad: [Hemsky is the Oilers best at 8 minutes]

As a PK guy: The Oilers get outscored by the opposition every 7 minutes he is out there. Smith is just as bad, they Are D partners, after all, only Horcoff is worse so far. Brewer and Reasoner are excellent at 24 minutes ... and Moreau has been near perfect so far, an incredible streak.

My point ... Staios is a good defencman and a valuable player. Why in the name of Buddha are the Oilers wearing him down with these extra special teams minutes? Its not like they NEED him there, in fact it would be easier to argue that the need him to NOT be there.

My two cents.

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