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02-15-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Backstrom #19 View Post
You really think GMGM would sell off the UFA's and pretty much admit that he did a bad job putting the team together in the off-season? Not a chance he does that.
No, he probably won't admit it. Not that we don't all know it though. To plenty of us, it was obvious from the beginning that Laich, Ward, and Hamrlik would never live up to their deals. Personally, I hated those deals when they happened. Funny, considering the guy I really wanted us to sign was Radim Vrbata, who signed for virtually the same contract as Ward (one year shorter, same cap hit) and has more goals than the three of them combined, and Hannan, who's far exceeded expectations in Calgary with a 1M cap hit.

But enough living in the past. The fact is, this team is not close to contending for a Stanley Cup. We lack the secondary scoring and defensive play to make any sort of run. The best thing for the club is to get what they can guys on their way out like Vokoun and Wideman and do a mini rebuild. Adding production from young players on their first, second, or third contracts is how you afford secondary scoring in a salary cap world. Add guys like Morin and Kuznetsov to the top 6, and within a year or two you could have two guys giving you top 6, maybe even top 3 production for less than a million each. Johansson will have improved in that time, but will still be on a small contract. The you add the guys we get in the great draft this year with two picks in the top half of the first round, and you're laying the foundation for the kind of depth teams like Boston, Philly, and Vancouver have. And all it really takes is rolling over this year. I'm more than willing to ditch our annual flame out if it means a much better chance down the road. If McPhee didn't have to worry about his job and Leonsis didn't have to worry about ticket sales, this would clearly be the best strategy. But those things matter, so we'll probably just maintain the status quo and never make the significant changes we need in order to become a true contender. Such is life.

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