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02-15-2012, 11:15 PM
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Wow, you guys really eat that publicity stuff up.

I work at a radio station and have to say most of you bought what the reporters were selling in a HUGE way.

I admit Noel has been emotional on several occasions with the media and he does need to turn it down. Except everyone is reading into the whole "I coach what I have" thing waaay too much. It's a phrase I've heard many coaches use and this is a prime example of you buying into exactly what the media is selling. I'm not saying they aren't exactly correct, but they're trying to pull you to one end of the spectrum to sell you a story. I've had to write pieces like this and they know what they're doing.

Coincidentally Noel is edgy with reporters for a while and bad stories about his coaching come from reporters. Strange coincidence.

As for the actual meat of what he's saying I do agree with the sentiment that he has to tone some stuff down. This is an emotional time and it's clearly seen when the Coach and Captain both make strong sentiments that they may need some outside help with the team.

A lot of you are REALLY reading deeply into this though. It's kind of like high school English class. The author wrote "and the curtains were blue" the teacher wanted you to explain the symbolism of the blue curtains actually signified the narrators deep depression, when in actuality the writer just meant that the curtains were ****ing blue.

Maybe I'm jaded because I work in media, but when people start regurgitating a strong opinion from an article and start putting a thousand types of meaning and significance into a phrase like "I coach what I teach" and those opinions line up with the reporters I can't help but think I'm right.

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