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Originally Posted by Sievegalov View Post
Philly fans are only happy when they have something to ***** and moan about.

Average Ticket Prices
1 Toronto Maple Leafs $215.59
2 Montreal Canadiens $200.11
3 Winnipeg Jets $180.58
4 Boston Bruins $170.49
5 Vancouver Canucks $169.30
6 Chicago Blackhawks $153.69
7 San Jose Sharks $152.73
8 New York Rangers $143.80
9 Edmonton Oilers $134.78
10 Calgary Flames $132.10
11 Pittsburgh Penguins $116.51
12 Philadelphia Flyers $89.62
I have to wonder about their numbers... they go by the week averages and somehow get drastically different numbers from one point to another... This was their numbers going into the 2011-12 season, see how the prices vary (Flyers $89.62 vs $104.86 ... Vancouver #1 vs #4 and almost $100 difference... etc.):


With the 2011-12 NHL season a few short months away and no big hockey news to speak of, we decided to look at our NHL ticket price leader board, which ranks the top average ticket prices over the past week. The Vancouver Canucks lead the way so far:
1.Vancouver Canucks – $266.70
2.Toronto Maple Leafs – $227.89
3.Montreal Canadiens – $170.92
4.Chicago Blackhawks – $168.36
5.Calgary Flames - $159.34
6.Pittsburgh Penguins – $144.75
7.Boston Bruins – $138.08
8.San Jose Sharks – $125.14
9.Edmonton Oilers - $110.56
10.New York Rangers – $105.75
11.Philadelphia Flyers – $104.86

End Quote

EDIT: I think I have the answer... These are from SeatGeek who broker seats and I believe they represent the average they sold them for in that week... Hardly a true representation of what the Organizations are selling them for... They may be on average the low end seats in one city and top end in another... and for hot in demand games for some and bad draws for others.

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