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11-11-2003, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by slats432
At some point dawgbone, I am going to think that you are disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing.
Nope, just proving a point.

You can't sit there and applaud MacT for keeping YDT together and then pat him on the back for breaking them up because they won a game with Torres playing with Smyth and Hemsky.
I certainly can. He has to put a lineup together that wins games. It didn't win against Toronto, he made changes, they won against New York.

Which is it? Are you for or against set lines? I am for. That is my position and it is unwaivering. If your position is different lines every game then our point is moot.
I am for whatever is best in the situation. If the lines are going well, and the team is playing well, leave it alone. If the team isn't playing well, or some of the lines aren't playing well, changes need to be made. If the team is flying and winning 3-0 in a game, I don't expect to see the lines shuffling around unless it absolutely has to (injuries, penalty situations, etc...). But likewise, if the team is down 2-0 15 minutes into the hockey game, you need to wake up and get something done before the game gets out of hand.

And I you can't look at personnel changes as the reasons why the lines change. They change every game.
How many times this year has Mac-T changed a hot line before the start of a game right after they have played a good one? None. He will change them mid-game if things aren't going well, which is what you want out of a coach. It is called adaptation and thinking on the fly. Now, the Oilers are 3-1-2 in their last 6 games, and the only reason there are any changes is because of the large amount of injuries the Oilers have been dealing with, otherwise, I am sure you would see the same lines now that you did in the game agaisnt the Red Wings.

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