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Originally Posted by Tyler Sanguine View Post
Anyone complaining about this deal needs to take a look around the league from a more global perspective. Boychuk isn't perfect, but he's a top 4 guy on a Stanley Cup winner, and probably gets at least $4 million/year on the open market this summer should he choose. He's not winning any Norris Trophy's, but I've got no issues with this contract and the fact that he's going to be in Boston for another 3 years.

One other thing people are missing here...Big, right shot defenseman aren't exactly being produced in spades at the NHL level. There simply aren't a ton of them, which makes guys like Weber, Seabrook, and Pietrangelo even more valuable.
im going to comment one more time here cause i think we do take a very global look at things when we are complaining about this contract. i realize some people just have it out against boychuck.. and i will be the first to say they are kind of knobs

BUT alot of us are simply saying that this contract is wrong for our team given a global perspective of what is involved in its entirety here

now.. you say he is a top 4 guy.. and we all seem to agree on that. so i wont debate that issue. you say we won a cup with him playing top 4 mins and again that fact speaks for itself. so does his being a rh shot. in fact, i have almost no issues with anything that anyone has said in boychucks favor in this entire thread... and yet i am still unhappy with the deal

AND THE REASON IS... global perspective

example.. we won a cup with him in the top 4... but we also blew a 3-o lead in the second round with him in the top 4 {top 2) and we also got crushed by carolina in the second round with him as part of our 6 man unit in the second round too.

so he is not necessarily a guantee of winning a cup. maybe other factors contributed some part in winning a cup last year. he obviously didnt cost us a cup last year, but to say he was an irreplacable cog in a cup winning formula is hyperbole at best imho

in truth... our defense was shakeky in the playoffs last year. chara got sick for a couple games and every fan here knew there was no one on the team that could step up and replace him. we had wide spread panic here that chiaralli had done a crap job with the team and we were demanding he be fired. we had an overwhelming majority of fans here crying for julien to be fired for his 'defensive' style of coaching that maybe gave us regular season success but could never work at playoffs and covered up for our inadequet defensement who lacked any mobility or puckmoving skill among their number

this is reality.. it is what this board posted post after post after post after post. i am one of boychucks biggest fans and made numerous posts in his support over the past years... and none of them recieved favorable response.

im not anti-boychuck but i am anti-this-contract BECAUSE of global perspective.

i dont begrudge him his money... it is going market rate. i realize he ill deserve it from some team. he has cup experience. he can work 20+ mins. he is team tough.

so i and most of us, know its fair market value and that he is a legitimate top 4 guy by what passes for the standards of todays nhl. I know he has played as high as our number 2 guy in the past during seinenbergs injury late the past season and playoffs. So people that throw icetime in my face really dont bother to listen to anything i say. Its sad they dont have the attention span to read someones post before taking personal shots at me, but whatever...

the reality is i like boychuck alot but i like chara alot too and he is signed as our number 1 guy. his strangth is not his skating. i like seidenberg too and he is signed here and he skates better. he and chara were a monster effective duo and the 2 dmen that were most successful handling the most mins for us on our blueline in our march for the cup. they were great as a duo. i want to see it possible for them to be put together again this year... and next year... and the year after that when we are trying to win a cup. cup winning teams always have a really amazing top pair of guys that can play against any opposition and shut them down.

for me.. boychuck isnt that guy. if he is with chara, then our top pair goes from elite to average.. and average top pairs dont win cups. they get elliminated in the second round...

so if my global perspective means chara and seidenberg should be allowed to play together then i suddenly have to put boychuck into a second pairing with ??? someone else... and who is that someone else?

to be honest.. im very happy bang-for-the-buck getting mcquaid and ference here for under 4 mill to play their 14-18 mins night as third pair... so i see no immediate reason to break them up... and boychuck is now WAY TOO EXPENSIVE to be part of the third pair anyhow

so we are stuck with boychuck and who? as the new second pairing??

and the guy that pops off the page is dougie hamilton. will hamilton be ready next year? maybe... maybe not, but boychcuk got signed to a long term deal

so at some point we become stuck with hamilton and boychuck as partners... or we have to break up chara/seidenberg... or we have to play one of ference/mcquaid in a 3/4 pairing which will expose either of them...

so my 'global perspective' is that i dont really believe the rh shooting slow skating boychuck is actually the ideal partner for a young mistake prone rh shooting dougie hamilton

AND if chara OR seidenberg get hurt i dont think a young hamilton or a limited ference or mcquaid can step up without being badly exposed. so the boychuck spot in our lineup needs t be a guy that can step up at a critical time in the event of an injury and actually become a 1/2 guy for us when needed.

boychuck is a legitimate 3/4 guy on alot of teams... but he isnt a legitimate 1/2 guy on any team... and isnt cup caliber 1/2 guy even in the short term for our team either

we have committed enough money to him to make it impossible to use him as a 5/6 guy. but he isnt good enough to be a 1/2 guy. so thats where we stand. and unless hamilton hits the ground running at top speed this move could easily come back to bite us hard on the ass

so thats why we are against the contract... because of a global perspective that looks at more then just whether or not he happened to average 20 mins a night for us when we won our playoffs last year. there was alot of times our team wasnt successful over the past 3 years and he was often part of the problem

and when we won our cup.. we had to go to game 7 three times and into ot... and it was mostly due to no ability to move the puck from our defense at times. and we got wiped out 4 straight against philly when boychuck was playing top 2 and that happened mostly due to injuries and the guys we asked to step up while we coped with injuries didnt earn their paychecks. guys like ryder who gets mentioned here.. and boychuck... got first line mins for us cause of injuries to half of the rest of the team... and despite being up 3-0 they managed to blow 4 games after that. even with a 3-0 lead in game 7, our defense still blew it for us and we probably were the better team over montreal that year... so we really should be talking about 2 straight trips to the cup

but our defense has been a weakness for a couple years now. it didnt cost us last year, but it did the year before. i dont think boychuck has shown me any improvement since then. he still doesnt produce offense. he still makes around the same number of mistakes defensively.

all-in-all hes a good nhl quality dman that deserves the money... and he would help at least half the teams if they used him as a 3/4 guy.

we had enough cap room. i would have preferred to spend a couple million more on a guy that can step into a 1/2 role if needed. i wanted a guy that wouldnt be just an average 3/4 guy but rather i wanted a guy that would be the most elite 3/4 guy anyteam could ice.

and i bet thats what most the other 'anti-contract' guys here too are actually really saying. we just wanted someone better and are disappointed that this contract might make him untradable now

cause.. i will share something else.. at the deadline last year i suggested we trade seidenberg in one of my posts... and a few people said i was dreaming and that he was absolutely untradeable with his contract

well.. we won a cup so now we say his contract is outstanding... but that sure wasnt the opinion here at the deadline this time last season

us fans are way too quick to do reinvented history around here.. and say ryder should have been resigned.. or that boychuck wins us cups... or other such statments.

that isnt what most of you were saying this time last year. and if we dont win a cup this year, i bet most of you wont be saying this stuff a year from now.

global perspective means remembering our history.. being able to forsee into our future... and having a real true global perspective about it all

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