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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
His brother however should be available, since he apparently isn't intent on coaching HPK past this spring.
Coming back to this idea roughly three weeks later, it's starting to look like something I'd definitely like to see expanded.

Lehkonen has himself stated that he has no major desires to coach men full time because he feels he can get so much more out of juniors and intends to go back to being HPK's junior coaching manager once this season is a wrap.

So we have a guy who has no day-to-day rinkside duties as a coach + has stated on the record that he finds juniors far more interesting than men + can still organize a game plan in the matter of days even in a highly competitive environment + already has experience from coaching on NT level = pretty much the perfect coach for a high-level junior tournament?

Of course, I'm not exactly sure how busy he is day in day out with coordinating just one club's juniors as is, but the Gungan or whoever is responsible for hiring the WJC coach would be pretty thick if they don't at least give him a call.

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