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02-16-2012, 11:12 AM
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I have the DVD, love it, worship Brett Hull, favorite player of all time. But as much as I tried to emulate that style, I didn't have much success with it. It takes way too long to get the shot off in a game situation. Honestly I think the stick he uses is too whippy for most normal people. I wouldn't worry about getting that much whip.

What stick are you using again?

As I may have said before, when you're using that push-pull method of a little stick flex and whipping the hands quickly, closed curves like the Iginla won't do crap for your shot. The Sakic and Drury are far better. Because when you're cupping the puck and leaning on the stick, if the blade is closed, you're topping the puck and not making good contact and it flubs. Or else you're maintaining good contact with the puck but you can't lean into your stick.

Here's what I use:

Sakic curve
65 flex
Cut right where Hull recommends (just below the bottom lip in bare feet)

I literally used to take the video to the shooting range by my house and watch it on my phone, then practice each of the shots. It was kind of a waste of time. Since then I've eliminated the sweep shot because it is just way too long to get off in a game and lacks power. If I'm sweeping, I'm passing. I have two forehand shots, the wrist/snap and the slapper. Focus on just those two. One has quick release, one has high power.

And here's what I do for the wrist/snap (check out 1:53):

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