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02-16-2012, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post
I have SO had it with this Jeremy Lin garbage. Guy has played 7 games, and they're hailing him as if he is the he is the 2nd coming of Michael Jordan.

I have never seen a team get so much undeserved attention, even before this Lin ****, over a team that is clearly better (and has been for years), has more stars than that garbage franchise that shares OUR arena.

I am tired of the Knicks getting the backpage headlines over the Rangers.

I am tired of them getting the priority on TV and Radio.

I am tired of them. Period.

Bottom line is the Knicks don't even deserve to breathe the same air as the Rangers, and now this crap? Henrik Lundqvist has been in this league for 7 YEARS, not 7 games, and was a sensation in his own right during his rookie season. Well he and the Rangers got no attention because of the **** New York media and they're biased hatred towards hockey, and their constant asinine back page headlines with Larry Brown pointing at the something and yelling (mandatory Larry Brown pose).

I like Jeremy Lin as a person, but I am tired of this crap. He was being compared to Ken Dryden last night on ESPN, because of the unknown, out of nowhere factor. He's the difference. Dryden won the 6 final games of the Hab's season, and then went on to win the Conn Smythe as he led the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup. All Jeremy Lin has done is get a crappy team 1 game over .500. To compare him someone who ended up as one of the greatest goalies of all time, is ridiculous.

And then to hear them chanting MVP after the game last night...seriously?? Idiots.

I hope the Knicks lose 10 in a row, and he is invisible in those games, just to show everyone how flipping ridiculous this is.

End rant.

You really wish ill on a guy like Lin? Wow. Cut back on the Haterade, please.

All the guy has done is make the Knicks a better team man. That team's season was lost, they were on the same road as the Jets, completely failing expectations. This Lin guy comes out of nowhere and has saved their season--for now. In their game in Toronto, they were toast, down by double digits most of the night, but won on a furious rally with Lin making the game-winning shot to keep their win streak alive. The Knicks haven't lost since Lin started. The Knicks got their true point guard. The Knicks are going through the same thing like a hockey team that gets a winger they need and as a result other players get slotted into their right spots or find their roles, all three/four lines start clicking, and the team starts winning.

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