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11-11-2003, 12:28 PM
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"Dar's right. Once again, your stating your opinion as being fact. You're saying that the Leafs will surely play only a couple of playoff rounds.
How do know this? How can you say for sure that the Leafs won't make it to Finals? How do you know Ferguson can't improve the team without trading our top propects?
The fact is you don't know"

Because I'm realistic about the team. They are not going to get those top defensemen cheaply, they will have to give up big parts of their current team (even then, it would have be hard) or guys like Steen and Colaiacovo. Realisticlly, what #1 D-man (cause thats what they need) could Ferguson get without gutting the Leafs system?

I'll go so far as to bet you - if the Leafs win the cup without gutting their develpment system (ie - Steen, Stajan, Tellqvist, Colaiacovo, Kondratiev and Bell are still there) I'll leave the boards, what are you willing to put up?

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