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02-16-2012, 11:24 AM
Window shut..for now
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Originally Posted by Rangerfans View Post
You guys are soooo bitter and pissy. No one wonder hockey doesn't get love.

From a marketing standpoint, it HELPS the Rangers, btw. Any sort of connection with the Rangers/Knicks will help. Look at the solidarity that occurred during the 94 cup run. That's a perfect example of a city that was enamored with both teams.

To me it's a great marketing standpoint. Because eventually the radio will start saying, "You know the Knicks are really hot! But there is that other NY team that has had several 5 and 7 game win streaks..."

Just enjoy it and if you don't, ignore it. Don't be so moody and whiny.
Enjoy it? How do I enjoy it, when I hate the Knicks, and EVERYTHING associated with them? And how can I ignore it when that's all I hear ever 5 ****ing minutes? I hear it on freaking Good Day New York for crying out loud!

Sorry, but I have no interest in riding the Knicks coat tails. You're damn right I'm bitter, and I am not ashamed to admit it. They don't even deserve to be talked about in the same sentence as the Rangers. We are light years better than them, and have been for years. Now we gotta count on them to get publicity? **** them!

And even if was okay with something like this, which I am NOT, then you make the page read LUNsanity, not LINqvist. His name is LUNDQVIST, the headline looks like they spelled his freaking name wrong, and it's a ****ing insult to our goaltender who is the best at his position and has been for a while to be subjected that kind of bull****.

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