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02-16-2012, 11:50 AM
Window shut..for now
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Originally Posted by Rangerfans View Post
Why do you "HATE" the knicks? If you dislike basketball because you find it boring, well...sorry. More people care and like basketball than hockey. That's a fact. Get use to it.

Nothing is new. As I said before: hockey has always been a cult and niche following. It's nothing knew. They will talk about the Rangers when the playoffs arrive. Until then? Don't bank on it.

Yes, because I'm sure Hank is so upset and is reeling at the notion. Seriously, he'll get the recognition when he gets the Vezina this year. Until's not going to happen.

and I AGREE with you. The Rangers, Hank, etc. deserve far more recognition than they deserve. But it's not basketballs fault or anything. They simply have better marketing than's that simple. So don't be brooding and be all bitter. Just let it go and accept it. If not, you're going to have a stroke.
Because of the constant unwarranted attention they get over the Rangers. They don't deserve it, plain and simple. They're a joke, have been for years. We've been good for years. But no one notices. And then Dolan with that bull**** a few weeks ago, coming out and saying the Rangers we're gonna win the Cup. Why did he decide to make that appearance? Because the Rangers had just taken over first in the league, his basketball team that he loves so much was garbage, and he figured, "oh well..might as well pay attention to my hockey team..what's their name again?"

Oh, and you also said in a previous post how linking the Knicks and the Rangers is good for the Rangers cause it gives them exposure..does it really? So, if the Rangers go out and beat the Blackhawks tonight..another recent Stanley Cup it gonna get us on the back page of the papers? Talked about on the radio? Be a lead in for SNY? NOPE. Gonna be more Lin crap, cause the Knicks are playing tomorrow night. I'd be willing to bet the house on it.

I can be as bitter as I want about it. That's my prerogative, but I won't have a stroke over it. Just tired of the bull****.

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