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Originally Posted by broadwayblue View Post
Seriously? It's more "newsworthy" than most of the crap being sold these days. It's a story about hope and breaking stereotypes, etc. A guy who nobody gave a chance to succeed at this level got a shot and has made the most of it. Not to mention Lin is as humble as they come...he seems like a genuinely good guy which only makes people root for him more.
Guy goes from sleeping on his bro's couch like joe schmo to becoming one of the most productive starting PG in the NBA in a week. Beats Kobe, WINS ALL SEVEN not one or two but freaking seven of his first games on a team that was struggling mightily. He didn t come on a championship squad he came onto a miserable pile of crap with its stars injured. This just doesnt happen, ever, not even when scouting sucked. Yet it IS happenning.

Down 20. Team comes back. The streak is going to end he matches the entire oppossition point for point in the 4th quarter. Ties the game, holds the ball, let's the clock run down, stands there in front of tens of thousands in the arena, millions watching at home and he f***ing NAILS that shot are you kidding me b***ing about this story? B**** because the media is going overboard fine but the story itself is on track to being an all time epic one.

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