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02-16-2012, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Young Gun View Post
Not Talking about just last nights game, all shootouts this season.
You must be one of those with your nose so far up price's ass you
can't see what price's problems are and why he can't stop B-aways
and shootouts.

I've seen fans here posting how price made a great save on a play
when infact, the replay shows the puck shot wide or hitting the post.
Don't forget, the B's hit the post 4 times last night. That beaten 4 times.

It's all about being mentally tough to be a great goalie, price hasn't
mastered that yet. That's the big difference between him and a guy
like thomas, or st paddy.....You will see how clueless i am come next
year this time, if price don't improve on that part of his game , he will
be gone......maybe a st paddy's blowup will send him packing
...........have a good day sir!!
Price was much better last season than Thomas in shootouts as Thomas had terrible numbers.

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