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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
This is what Gauthier does not understand.

This is what the fans of Gauthier do not understand.

The NHL is inconsistent. Marchand's hit was technically illegal. It was a gutless play. Not responding to the Marchand hit by the Canadiens was equally as gutless.

Its a damned shame to watch things like that happen. The Canadiens cannot allow **** like this to happen and need to take care of business on the ice and tell the NHL and Shanahan to go **** themselves.

White cannot fight every player on every team. He needs help.

Until then, get used to seeing Marchand trying to injure Emelin and then in the 3rd, beat down on one of our best players.....Cole.....without anyone doing anything about it.

Pathetic. And gutless on Gauthier's part for allowing this to happen.

We got a pp out of it. The potential for AE to get injured was far more damaging to us than them. And the fact that, the league aside, once more we prove to everyone we will not stand up for each other and you essentially have carte blanche to try and take our guys out.

I noticed PK laying into Marchand in the 3rd at least. But seriously embarrassing again when everyone else on the ice at the time just drifts away. Like later when Thornton leveled Emelin, everyone just looks sad-face to the ref, do nothing, pretend it didn't happen.

I'm not for a team of thugs. But I want to see the team stand up for each other and let other teams know this will not be tolerated. Those of you who watched us change the game by eradicating the Flyers shameful joke of a 'dynasty' in the mid 70's will know what this means. Even when Price covers up, we straighten up and allow anyone who wants to skate up to him, get right in his grill, stand over him. Other teams almost never allow this. It is a small thing maybe, and changing a bit with Emelin, Gorges, PK; but goes on far too often.

Oddly enough Gionta is pretty good at this, despite his stature.

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