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02-16-2012, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
A little word about the "classless" of habs fans at the Bell Center... These idiots should know that the fans never ever cheer a player who's injured, it was an exception. We saw the same player throw the dirtiest hit in Bell Center history and he gets an accidental puck in the face, not a dirty hit to the head or the knee... that's called karma and the fans deserve it. **** Chara, **** the Bruins and all the little whiners about sportmanship when clearly the Bruins and their fans don't have any...
I second that.

Before almost killing him (according to the surgeons who operated him), Chara was after Pacioretty: he was chasing him around during the games prior to the assault.

After the incident, Chara mentioned that he was not aware that Pacioretty was on the ice: "No. It was the faceoff and we tried to set up a play. Basically, the puck went to the other side and we were racing for the puck. I had no idea he was on the ice." – Chara

If there is ONE player that truly deserves ALL the freakin pucks of the world in the face... it is him!

Heck... we are chatting about a puck in the face here: not a blade to the throat. If Chara, following a skate to the throat, fell on the ice and blood started pouring, do you really think the reaction would have been the same? Of course not: people reacted this way because it was Chara AND because it was only a freakin puck in the face.

All the Habs fans who are calling the fans who cheered "classless" should be ashamed of themselves. As for the non Canadiens fans who are doing the same thing... Montreal does not care!

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