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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
See, I don't think the zone where it occurs is actually the issue. The issue is in which direction is the puck carrier moving.

Is the hitter using the puck carrier's momentum to propel him? Or is the hitter PROVIDING the momentum (and changing levels in the process)?

It's tricky, and it's something that simply isn't explicitly accounted for in the rules. Although perhaps it could be considered intent to injure?

But again, I'd like to see this type of thing explicitly stated.
i was only trying to answer the question you initially posed, but you are right. the issue is in which direction the puck carrier is moving, but the zone where it occurs is what influences the direction of both marchand and emelin. in the other 4 examples, both players involved are skating in the same direction (both essentially going north or south, not head-on) when the hip check is delivered. for the marchand/emelin hit, one is heading north and the other heading south. it's definitely not necessary for marchand to hit emelin like that, especially since he was already suspended for a similar type of hit this year.

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