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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
As noted in the prior trade thread, I am temporarily suspending the push for Hall.
The reason is we are at an impasse that requires too much research to be done on short notice.

Most of you guys begrudgingly admitted that IF IF IF IF Hall were acquired, he'd certainly help, but with the caveat that you did not consider it even possible he'd be offered at terms we could accept, and further that the terms I suggested (Girardi +) were not good terms in the opinion of most as to what we could/should afford/expect to pay.

To resolve this impasse, it will be necessary to have extended honest debate at the Oiler forum about whether or not, IN THE TOTALITY OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES, with Oilers already possessing several snipers and likely able to grab another around #2 overall, and with such need for D + G, if they would agree that it made sense and should be considered in some variation.

After some enlightenment, there can only then be further discussion here or on the big board.

I do not have extended time to do this now, if anyone wants to comment on this, fine, but I am not pushing the issue here because you can't truly make an informed opinion until we get DELIBERATED and CAREFUL review by Oiler fans.

I still expect at some point objective analysis will show a few small variations that are win-win.

Remember, the issue is not a snap judgment of actually doing the deal because of who you emotionally prefer, even if that is a bottom line.

The issue is, would such a deal actually help your team?

To make a parallel with names and references that make the point, there were many discussions about how there were talks at one time about trading Ted Williams for Joe DiMaggio straight up. It was the champagne edition of coke for pepsi, and ultimately both sides passed it up.

But what if that were Williams for Mantle and Ford?
What if it were Williams and X for Boudreau, Doby and Feller?

At the end of the day, you still ask how can you move the Splendid Splinter?
But the point is, if those deals were on the table, and taken, it might have been enough of a difference maker in pitching.

So the point is there needs to be ample time to carefully consider if there is ANY variation which works which both teams can agree upon.

That time is not available now.
I hope, in the interests of honest intellectual pursuit, we can exhaust that analysis at a later date.

Besides, there is always the thought we could get Weber this year, then if he really wants to go west, deal him in some variation to Edmonton for Hall.
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