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02-16-2012, 04:33 PM
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And if you don't think the hit was that bad or dirty, you've probably never been clipped before. Clipping officially became a penalty after Darcy Tucker essentially ended Michael Pecca's career (at least the healthy part of it) with a low forward motion hip check to the knee. Just ask Markov how vulnerable the knee is. Clipping is an extremely dangerous play because of the mechanics and vulnerability of the joint. Salo was lucky he had only a head injury, and not a knee injury.

I hope Shanahan has written down what Vigneault said after the Salo hit:

"Marchand -- and this is just my feeling -- but someday he's going to get it. Someday, someone's going to say 'enough is enough' and they're going to hurt the kid because he plays to hurt players. And if the league doesn't care, somebody else will."

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