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02-16-2012, 03:38 PM
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Jet Bomber that was a very good post. I'm not quoting it for length but...

I could have sworn Deon Beasley was hanging around the league before Mack's time, could be my bad here. Love Alex Suber/Marculles Bowman, could not remember if they was around before Mack's time. My bad there. Chris Garrett looked good late in the season and I am big fan of the way he runs and his emotion on the field. We also cut him out of camp. Kind of lucky, but again I am not completely sold on Garrett just yet. RB's are a tricky beast, you see alot of 1 year and out types. I am not going to check right now (since I have an exam in a couple hours) but I think I could put together a similiar list for most teams in the CFL. Quality import talent is essential and we have done a good job, but don't go making out like we are stacking up on ALL the quality American's other teams are finding guys as well.

Fritz and Mainor were kinda meh there. We rotated alot of DE's, not sold on them having legit star power there with Fritz/Mainor/Vega, hell even Kashama, a NI, saw quite a bit of time on that opposite side of Willis. We'll see what happens there. Turner is a nice piece, but an Imp in a spot we have used NI for a long long time. We also had Moton Hopkins, who is a very solid DT we let go for nothing.

I am curious about where we are picking up this other NI spot? Is it going to Muamba starting? 3 NI receivers? 4 NI linemen? Please educate me on that.

Brink and Elliot have proven nothing. I like Brink's upside, but that is about it. Our QB position is very very suspect, especially when looking around the league. Again we have a VERY injury prone QB who is average even when healthy, a backup that has good upside but has yet to show starting skill, and a 3rd stringer who is not only unproven, but has had season ending injuries in back to back seasons. Not feeling great with that depth, TBH.

As for the drafting, although I was critical, I did say we have to let things play out. But the undeniable fact remains that Mack went off the board and against expectations. I agree we are talking very early post draft here, but Muamba was sitting behind PIERRE-LUC LABBE on defense last year. I love Labbe as a special teamer, he is a great character guy and works his ass off. But let's be honest, he downright sucks on defense. He is not strong enough, fast enough, or smart enough to have any reps on defense. Even as a rookie Muamba should have been at very least pushing this guy for some field time. That's like your star prospect (don't say Scheifele since football prospects come much more ready than hockey ones) playing 4th line Tim Stapleton playing 1st line. Does it mean the prospect is a bust? No, but it is slightly concerning.

Etienne has youth on his side no doubt. But there was a reason he was ranked low, he had only 1 good season in college. He came out of nowhere for that one year, and it happened to be his draft year. We will see. My REAL problem with the pick was that we KNEW we were already getting a better receiving prospect in Poblah via to supplemental draft, we could have solidified other areas (ie OL).

As for Dunn, Greaves and Swiston, well I guess we just have to see. I know very little about Dunn or Swiston, so I'll take your word for it. As for Greaves, he looked fairly decent in his time last year, I will reserve judgement till I see him in a starting role this season. Pass blocking will be the place to really watch his footwork, since he is a converted d-line. It's possible one or more of these guys develops into a solid starting OL for the Bombers, but c'mon you don't drool thinking of a ratio breaking NI starting LT like a Josh Bourke? Mitchell, Muamba, Poblah would have been better, IMO.

Also, if you want an example of a NI coming in rookie season and making an impact I will point you straight towards Brendon LaBatte and 3rd Round pick Arjay Franklin (who is a currently a FA, that would be a nice pickup). Both stepped in to the Bombers rookie year and were very very solid. Not to mention Poblah would have been a ROY candidate as a receiver if not for injuries, IMO.

Again, I am critical because I expect the best from the Bombers. Mack has done a decent job recovering from the disaster that was left to him from that "alleged" wife beating jackass, but he has consistantly struggled with retaining talent and acquiring proven talent. We had the youngest team last year, and look to be young again, there just better be improvement.

Also, having to watch another 18+ games of Glen January makes me sick.
Lastly, Jet Bomber, I have watched every single second of Bomber action for the past 5 years, I keep track of all players in and out of the organization via spreadsheet, I live and die Bomber football in the summer and fall, much like Jets hockey in winter. I know that you know your Bombers as well but don't imply I am just a Jets guy please since I disagree that Mack has done an excellent job. He has assembled potential and frankly got lucky last season. When we are a top end team, I will say he has done a great job, for now, he has done an average job.

(Sorry about length)

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