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I think that's what he called it. That mini wind up snap shot I find to be completely useless. I literally just try and shoot like that Ellis video around 2:00 mark.

Here's another great video (love Cammi):

Notice how he drags it in before shooting? That's key. Also, he doesn't exaggerate the open/close of the stick because he uses more flex than wrist action. That's a lot more of a snap shot. It's really a hybrid and it goes both ways. Keeps the hands out in front of the body, just like Bobby Jr says.

I also found a nice tip to control height with those shots and an open curve is how your hands end up. If you pull your hand WAY back, the stick opens way up, and the shot goes high. If you pull it back a little less and push with your bottom hand more, the stick stays a little closed and the shot goes low. Very useful for 5-hole shots. You have less power, but that's why top corner goals are so lovely

Here's an old video when I was first transitioning (starts around 1:00). Beforehand, I was trying to consciously roll the puck from heel to toe, weight transfer, snap the wrist, etc. Maybe that was part of the learning process.

By the end of the summer (it only took maybe 3 or 4 sessions to learn it), I was shooting a more compact, quick version. I also switched from a big closed mid curve to a Drury, and then to a Sakic.

I want to shoot a new video but my ex took the camera so I need a new one.

Also, forgot about this, but for those who want to chirp me for using an intermediate, here's proof I can use and flex an 87 senior stick



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