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Originally Posted by BHDefensiveForward View Post
Jarick, so basically your shot is like a wrist/snap or as Brett Hull calls the pro snap shot?

I can never execute the snap shot properly from a distance, only up close to go top shelf... It also doesn't have as much speed and power unless closer to my target...

How can I preform the snap shot? Since my shoulders no longer allow slap shots. :-/
For me snapshots were by far the hardest shot to learn, and master. The snapshot itself isn't too hard to take but to learn how to get good power and accuracy is a real must to get the leg kick down pat. It really generates power on the shot. Watch these videos and check out the form

Especially the iginla goal. he has great form and a hard shot. The next thing to work on is really making sure you get a "snap" on the shot. Line the puck up with your shooting leg and push the puck about an inch or 2 at most ahead of the blde then quickly roll your wrist while kicking your leg and your stick should naturally flex and get a nice snap on the puck. I am 5'8 125lbs and use a 90 flex and have no trouble getting power from flex. Also when you shoot a wrister push down HARD with your bottom hand on the shaft to generate power.

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