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02-16-2012, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I am super excited to watch January do his patented spin o-rama while touching nobody move while Pierce gets killed this upcoming season, now that we have no left guard to even help cover for his incompetence. Our o-line was bad last year and with Douglas and LaBatte gone, how exactly is it going to get better? Muamba better be ready to start since we now need another NI starting on defense. Oh yah, and the most unique talent in the CFL left as well (although I am less concerned about this, the Bombers ALWAYS find import receivers for some reason).

Mack really really really sucks at free agency. Like crazy bad.
They signed most of their key players. Labatte wanted to go back to Sasky and they overpaid big time for a 190,000 - 200,000 per season. That's tackle money. Time to see what our young NIs linemen can do this upcoming season. And there actually wasn't any noticeable drop-off in our O-line when Labatte was out of the lineup last season. And Carr? Well Mack had an agreement with him in principle and then the **** turns around and signs with Edmonton for $5,000 more per season.

Mack has to look at the big picture. Can't overpay and sacrifice depth in other areas ie. backups. He has proven in the past he can bring in good import talent at receiver. No reason to believe he can't do it again.

As for the NI issue, with Brown's impending retirement expect to see Muamba and Luc-Labbe to cover middle linebacker duties in 2012.

Oh, and free agency just started. Mack might sign a player or two yet.

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