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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
This is so wrong.
Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
Saying that a rule of thumb is that a whippier stick is better than a stiffer sticks is, as I said, just plain wrong. There is no such rule of thumb and the statement has no basis in fact. There is only what is right for a given player, and it is far more complicated than a simple generalization like that or even simply basing it on height and/or weight.

Also, anecdotal data such as I'm xxx and I use an xx flex really isn't useful, because we have no idea whether that player uses it well. The only FACTS we know is that it takes more pressure to flex a stiffer stick and only a player that can effectively apply such pressure can benefit from a stiffer stick. Conversely a player that routinely generates too much pressure for a whippy stick won't be able to benefit from the whippy stick and in fact will see negative results. There are horses for courses and courses for horses.
Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
So your position is that a good rule of thumb is that a whippier stick is better than a stiff one, but your position is also that Jarick's guideline that stiffness should be based on height/weight? I'm confused. You start by mocking me and then at the end you agree with me - i.e., that every player is different and needs to find the stiffness that is right for them.

There is no 'rule of thumb'. There are far too many variables at work to simply say 'a whippier stick is better.' A whippy stick in the hands of a stronger, skilled player will be just as ineffective as a stiff stick in the hands of a newb. Each player should find what works best for them based on their skill level, the type of player they are and what feels most comfortable to them.
Actually, you can't be more wrong. Let me explain: My rule of thumb is "whippier is better" which holds true even to Jarick's guidelines.

I said, start out with Jarick's guidelines, which are great. When you have to choose between a whippier vs. stiffer flex for your height range, go with the whippier stick. I don't see how that contradicts either?.... they're not mutually exclusive. Having a whippier stick doesn't mean you can't start with the guidelines?....

Example: A 5'6" player is choosing between a 65 flex and 75 flex for their "guideline" flex range. 65 feels too whippy whereas 75 feels too stiff. For my rule, you would go with the whippier stick.

I don't see how that is wrong or contradictory maybe you're just having a hard time comprehending.

What my rule of thumb is contradictory to is your stance, which is "you're wrong, just start with whatever because there's just too much to account for." Now that, is what i'm saying NOT to do.

So please do re-read my suggestions for a new player:

1) Start with Jarick's guidelines
2) When choosing between a whippier or stiffer stick, go with the whippier stick to develop proper technique
3) Once the technique has been developed, tweak your flex to your liking. Move-up or move down. Stiff or whippy.

Vs. yours:

1) Just grab whatever.. too much to account for.

You can say whatever you want but the fact is many rec players use sticks that are too long or too stiff for them. The best way to change this habit is to give them a good starting guideline. How will they know what feels "good" when they haven't even learned the proper technique for the shot yet?

There is no point of trying to explain to you anymore as you don't seem to understand the logic. Whippier sticks help new players learn to "load" their stick and develop proper technique when they can't find the "perfect" flex the first time they buy sticks. Even older players who've learnt to shoot with stiff sticks can improve by practicing with a whippier stick and readjust their technique.

I'm pretty sure if we both had 100 kids that were equally as good and they went through "my" guidelines vs yours, I would end up with a lot more better shooters than your group. I said "my" guidelines but when really it's been pin-balled around the forum a couple of times through previous discussions.

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