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02-16-2012, 09:48 PM
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Weirdest sequence of events?

On Tuesday, I was playing in my college's intramural league. It was a game against two bottom feeders and we were up by a goal late in the 3rd.

The opposing team set up their break out and me, on defence, started backwards. Their forward managed to get around me after banking a pass off the boards, so I followed hard. I tried to get around him, but ended up hooking him pretty hard (I've never been called for a hooking penalty in my life). The opposing team started the "awwww come on" and I waited for the whistle to go, knowing I earned it.

Instead, however, the whistle never came. I was about 3 feet behind him, and as opposed to play stopping, he glided and then randomly dropped down and hipchecked me. I went flying over him and the ref finally blows his whistle. I get up, ready to voice my opinion on him and instead, he just skates directly to the box and we get a powerplay.

To this point, I'm trying to understand his train of thought. He just potentially drew a penalty and instead of taking it, he decides to hip check me and weasel off to the box. And to this point, I still have never been called for hooking.

So, to start the discussion, what's the weirdest things that have happened during your games?

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