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Originally Posted by goonx View Post

There is no point of trying to explain to you anymore as you don't seem to understand the logic. Whippier sticks help new players learn to "load" their stick and develop proper technique when they can't find the "perfect" flex the first time they buy sticks. Even older players who've learnt to shoot with stiff sticks can improve by practicing with a whippier stick and readjust their technique.
And there's where I think you're just flat wrong. A person using a whippier stick than they otherwise need is not going to learn to be a better shooter. In fact, I'd argue they might even set themselves back.

And I didn't say 'just guess, since there's so many variables in play'. I said consider all the variables rather than default to some dopey rules of thumb. I said consider height, weight, strength, skill level and the type of player they are as well. I agree with Jarick that height and weight are good starting points, then go from there. I simply disagree that by definition whippier is better and that everyone would be better off starting with a whippier stick. But, by all means, keep the snarky comments coming!

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