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01-18-2006, 09:34 PM
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Originally Posted by TubbyTerrion
This isn't Skating With Celebrities here... this is the new speedy NHL, and while he may be a good "skater" in your estimation, in the defensive zone he is not doing the things he needs to do to consistently defend his position on the ice. He clutches and grabs and waves and flails and seems to be a stride away or behind his man more often than not. He's just not looked great. I'm not ready to exile him to Siberia or to boo him, but he's not the dominant defensive presence he's portrayed as by some fans.
When your linemate is either Nathan Dempsey or Mike Weaver.......especially Dempsey, you're not only playing one position, but actually two. Matti is being caught "running around" and lately has been all over the shop. It has nothing to do with passion, smarts, or skating ability (because he's one of the best)........but quite simply he has to do too much. Dempsey has been the Kings most atrocious player bar-none! 90% of the time, he's not moving his feet, and his decisions are ridiculously slow......causing other players to scramble (including Matti). If you don't want the puck or a game for that matter, stay off the ice......and keep that gay slap shot for pick-up hockey.
Part of the blame should also go to the coaching staff. If we're this crippled (injuries) more than ever should you give some of the kids in the back a look. Hopefully Petiot gets thrown in the fire next game with some serious minutes. I also wouldn't mind seeing Tambellini again.

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