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02-17-2012, 12:47 AM
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Thanks shawn for the post! Love the videos!

Jarick! Thanks a lot buddy! I wasn't able to get on the ice today, so I went to the gym floor to practice with the hard ball. The issue is I cannot cup the ball like I can with the puck, so other than the ball spinning with ease, it's still a hard shot, but not like a puck. My sticks for ball hockey do not have hockey tape on the blade, so maybe that would help grip the ball???

I have an issue now... I brought my collar bone level sakic stick and the eye/eyebrow one I use. I'm able to stick handle pretty good with the long stick, but much better with the short. I can flex the longer stick a lot more, but not as much with the short stick... I used the technique shown in the Calgary flames video you posted, and I'm getting almost an even shot in terms of speed with both stick lengths...

For ball hockey, is this flex making a difference Jarick? It could again be an issue with not having tape to grip the ball better. If not, should I be using the shorter stick instead anyways? Even though I'm not supposed to slap shot, I tried it with the longer stick, and wow it was roughly 60% faster!!! Impressed some people there today, heh...

I also looked at: This is why I have my stick colar bone level, but I'm thinking I should have it longer because look at Datsyuk, he can handle himself great. I did super good in a few games with a longer stick, heck we beat the best team in the league, and I was poke checking everything almost! Were does his stick go up to? I should maybe cut mine down a bit? Or keep it at eyebrow level? Honestly, I feel better playing with a longer stick due to my speed and fore-checking ability.

Edit: I checked online, it appears he used a stick 9" less then his height, and he is 5ft 10", so it's around his mouth being 61" long, but one post said he has it by his nose.. being 67" ish. I should try that tomorrow and see how I like it! Sadly, I've only ever used 2 lengths, eye level, and below the chin/collar bone... I can dangle good with both when need be, if anyone has an exact measurement, I would love to know.

Two pictures I found:

This shows chin height (Must have been when he was using "short" sticks.

This shows nose/eye level

Also, does wood plugging your sticks for the full length of the plug help with flexing the stick? Or do I plug it and cut a certain amount of the wood off?

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