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02-17-2012, 03:11 AM
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Ok this is a little nuts but if we sold more than half the farm, our 1st and dumped some salary back to CBJ, maybe we get both Carter AND Nash.

Carter can then be our first line center...maybe with Justin Williams and Simon Gagne as wings. They would move the puck like...well like my favorite Kings line of all time, Sandstrom/Kurri/Robitaille with Doughty being Coffey, lol.

Kopitar can be 2nd line with Nash, maybe Loktionov or Toffoli in the future on RWing?...that would be sick. Maybe Richardson...

Then Richards, in full strength situations, would play 3rd line center, often matching up with the opponent's best center. He can have Nolan and/or King as wingers, or Dustin Brown as a winger.

Clifford, Lewis, Loktionov can be our over-talented 4th line.

Voynov/Mitchell (gotta re-sign him)
7th guy - whoever's left from Hickey/Muzzin/Deslauriers or another callup.

Sanford (for now)

Nash and Carter's combined salaries for this year - 13.1 million.
(I'll only be talking about this year as next year we have a ton of salary coming off of the books...with Johnson's salary also gone, we'll have enough coming off to pay both CBJ guys and maybe re-sign Mitchell with a bit of room for Quick...we can always deal another player like Greene, replace him with one of our many young guys and give that money to Quick as well...Gagne will be UFA as well.)

Players with salary to send over to CBJ:
3+mil - Penner, Stoll, Johnson (adds up to like 11 mil or more)
1 mil - Bernier, Parse (is he tradable right now?) (lets say 1 mil)
junk salaries - Hunter, Drewiske (lets say .6 for Hunter)
And don't forget the 2.4 million in cap room we have right now...reverse pro-rated, it's worth like 5.1 million at the deadline in offsetting non-pro-rated salaries.

That's like 17.6 million to offset 13.1...more than enough room to take Sanford on too.

So on the roster:
Stoll - replaced by Carter (yay Kurrilino!)
Penner - replaced by Nash (yay Kings!)
Bernier - replaced by Sanford (ok whateva)
Johnson - replaced by Voynov with help from Martinez (yay Slava)

So then it's just a matter of giving enough to CBJ along with Bernier and Johnson and at least a 1st rounder this year. We can deal next year's 1st since it will be more like a high 2nd hopefully. And we have a ton of young defensemen to trade too. Maybe not Forbort but any other D, we'll be happy to throw in. If you take the two rumored deals (JJ for JC and Nash for 1st, Bernier, Penner, Hunter), that's easily done and we can throw in a 1st or a Hickey/Muzzin, whatever.

Like another fellow Kings fan said on another thread on HFB, DL got Penner, Mike Richards and still went after Brad Richards. He wound up with Gagne when that didn't work. So DL isn't adverse to getting TWO big guys...hey are POS (not PatO'Sully) offense needs more than one player to fix it!

We won't need a bottom six guy now because our 4th line has been great already and we add Richards to the third line to be our "rich man's" Jordan Staal/Dustin Byfuglien (when he was a Hawk).

- R

PS - yes, this is nuts...but maybe do-able?

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