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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
This is what Gauthier does not understand.

This is what the fans of Gauthier do not understand.

The NHL is inconsistent. Marchand's hit was technically illegal. It was a gutless play. Not responding to the Marchand hit by the Canadiens was equally as gutless.

Its a damned shame to watch things like that happen. The Canadiens cannot allow **** like this to happen and need to take care of business on the ice and tell the NHL and Shanahan to go **** themselves.

White cannot fight every player on every team. He needs help.

Until then, get used to seeing Marchand trying to injure Emelin and then in the 3rd, beat down on one of our best players.....Cole.....without anyone doing anything about it.

Pathetic. And gutless on Gauthier's part for allowing this to happen.
And the answer is, once again, that there are no teams in the league that actually follow the philosophy you suggest. None.

The Bruins don't do it. No-one fought any of the players who ran into Thomas. No-one fought Gill when he injured Peverley.

And of course, you are once again implying that if someone had taken an instigator going after Marchand he would no longer try to hit anyone for the rest of the game. Which has repeatedly be proven to be false and once again, when called on it, you'll say that 'no-one is claiming that toughness prevents cheapshots'. Well, you just did claim it.

Bottom line is that your prediction before the game was that the Habs would be intimidated and 'pushed around' by the Bruins. Instead you were proven completely wrong (not for the first time in a Habs/Bruins game) by the players playing a highly physical game and out hitting in terms of quantity and quality of hits one of the more physical teams in the league. Bruins GDT was full of teeth gnashing about their team being physically outmatched. So you gloss over your credibility gap by looking for any instances in the game that you can magnify into a 'lack of toughness', even though such instances can be found for any team in any game if you look hard enough and have enough of a biased agenda.

For the record and on topic: No sanction for Marchand is probably the right call although it was a somewhat weird hit and Marchand is the only player in the NHL who seems to make that kind of hit. It's not a clip though so the referees called the wrong penalty.

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