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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
but at the same time, there is both a physical and mental toll that gets added up every time a competitor in a physical encounter plays the role of aggressor and the recipient can do little more than turn his back and/or look to the referee helplessly.
You mean like when Emelin pust a big hit on Thornton and Thornton can only throw himself to the floor looking helplessly to the referee?

by being able to play that way without the habs being able to respond, at all, plants a negative seed in the minds of our players, and that impact can potentially turn disastrous down the road, when a more "fragile" player hesitates that extra second or bails on a play just a fraction sooner, so as to avoid the inevitable physical/cheap punishment he now expects... "hearing the footsteps".
Who are these 'fragile' players? I don't want them on my team, lets get rid of them. Problem solved. Emelin is not one of them, imo.

as long as we continue to be a team that can't stand up for itself adequately (and no, the scoreboard is NOT the only indicator... you can win a battle and still lose the war), we will continue to run the risk of some of our players playing "scared" in the most crucial situations.
Continue to? You have yet to demonstrate that it's actually happening. We lost the game against Boston, but who was scared? Who was intimidated? No-one that I could see. Once again, if there are players who are scared to face another NHL team, don't want those players on my team.

And just to re-iterate, before we retreat into the same old soundbites, I have been an advocate of signing bigger players and 'tougher' players. In the summer, I wanted Montreal to go after Brad Winchester, who was available for a long time. And was interested in Shane O'Brien as a depth defenseman. I have also argued against signing goons and players who do not justify their place on the team for their play first and foremost.

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