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02-17-2012, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by German Way of War View Post
Are people seriously blaming Biron?

WTF were Girardi and Macdonagh doing on those three goals? They werent changing, so were they asleep and letting guy sneak behind them?

And why in the friggin world would you even think about taking your hand off your stick and putting it on top of a puck in the crease? Kick that **** out with your skate or just take the closest blackhawk down in choke hold and take the PP over a friggin penalty shot.

Bottom line -- our best "shut down" defensive pair had a garbage 10 minutes. The reason why the Hawks have been losing is because their skill guys were not getting easy chances, especially breakaways.

I mean, seriously...are we blaming goaltenders for breakaways?
As far as the PS, I though Girardi was crosschecked and fell on the puck, but I had the Chicago feed and one thing you will learn watching other teams feeds is that MSG is top notch when it comes to replays, the Hawks feed didn't really have a good replay of it, and only showed it once IIRC.

I am not blaming Biron, you are correct the D was horrendous, however you need a goalie, even a backup, to make 1 or 2 of those saves, those would be big plays. Plenty of times playing goal I have made a big save on a breakaway after a defensive breakdown and my team has gone back the other way and scored, and you see that all the time. A goalie making a big save can be just as big a momentum shift as a fight, a solid PK or a goal. That is all I am saying, you need your goalie to make 1 or 2 of those breakaway saves, gamechangers. I think Biron would likely say the same thing.

In fact he did:

ďItís the beginning of the game. Itís one of those situations where you have a chance to give your team some momentum. I didnít come up with it,Ē said Biron, who entered Thursdayís match with an impressive 10-2-1 record. ďItís a chance for a goaltender to make a save to give your team either momentum or to save the game, or whatnot. That was my chance to make that big save. That was going to kind of set the tone for us and give us that chance to move forward, and I didnít do it.Ē

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