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02-17-2012, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
how 'great defensively' does an NHL player need to be to figure out that you need to make sure you don't leave an NHL player ALL ALONE at the bottom of the circle for a cross ice one timer ??? is this something they learn after 10 years in the league??

'that's what you get' ???? wow ..... i can't believe someone who holds Bryz to such a high standard that he gets criticized when he gets a shutout, simply says 'that's what you get' to such an atrocious lapse in coverage, especially after the way they left Bob hung out over the weekend and got skewered for it ...

when Bob plays: 'they gotta be better defensively'
when Bryz plays: 'that's what you get'

ummm, ok.
Wow. You completely ignored my explanation. Again. Did you read my whole post? Why not address it? You'll find that it rationalizes my point of view and is nothing at all like what you're saying it is based on the small quote you provided before my explanation. I explicitly explained why expectations are different based on ability. Stop being a dishonest debater, reply to an entire post instead of taking one sentence out of context and ignoring the parts that are inconvenient/hard to address.

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