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02-17-2012, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Autograph View Post
Not quite saying that Jack Johnson is the kind of player I'm describing, but as the old saying goes, "Just because they are a <insert higher line position> on your team doesn't mean he is the same on other teams."

The thing is, I think that Johnson really walks the line. I can see him being an absolute stud offensively and decent defensively. I can also see him falling off the face of the Earth if he's on the wrong team, with the wrong system. He's obviously not the same as a consistent blue-line producer such as Weber or Doughty - he is middle-tier, albeit high middle tier, for a reason.

If I were a GM, I would have to seriously evaluate my team's need for an offensive defenceman and whether my coach's system would work for a player like Johnson.

I personally like the play of Jack Johnson, but yeah, I can only see things go 50/50 for him - waffling between great production and total scapegoat.
so the second best defensive player on a top 4 defensive team would be garbage on another team, gotcha.

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