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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post

You're also going back to your bizarre habit of implying I'm part of some kind of pro-Bob, anti-Bryz cabal, a view which is divorced from reality and absurd. I just want our expensive franchise goaltender to earn his cap hit and actually look like a franchise goaltender...not a backup. I want him to succeed, in other words.

Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
makes complete sense.

laugh it off all you want; different game, SAME poor defensive coverage and breakdowns. we ALL saw it vs the Rangers and ALL said [including you, as quoted above] how bad the D was playing.

but Bob was in net, so we can focus on the poor D, and make no 'comparisons' of the D to Bob & the bad goal he let in vs NYR, and 'expectations'

now that Bryz was in net, that same exact poor defensive coverage results in you saying 'that's what you get' 'It sucks, but it's reality' 'the expectations are different' .... 'compared to Bryz .......'

it is clear you are bitter that they didn't sign Vokuon. as a result, you'll even accept bad D coverage, because it is 'more acceptable' than a bad Bryz goal after 9 days off ....

it is NEVER acceptable or understandable for a guy to be THAT wide open in an NHL game

The only thing that is clear is that you have no idea why I wanted Vokoun. I wanted Vokoun not because he's my favorite goalie or anything; in fact, I didn't think he would be as skilled as Bryz. I wanted him because his contract and cap hit would be cheaper; yet he was still good enough that the drop from Bryz's skill level wouldn't be terrible. I had/have zero emotional attachment towards Vokoun, so there is no bitterness.

I'm also not bitter in the slightest towards Bryz because he was signed. I am bitter at Snider and Holmgren for giving him that demented contract, but that's not really Bryz's fault. I would absolutely love to see Bryz succeed and be excellent here, because that would be great for the team.

But no, please, do go on believing that everyone who dares criticize your Bryzgalov for his very underwhelming and disappointing season is part of a grand anti-Bryz conspiracy who irrationally hates him and wishes to see him go down in flames. That makes a lot more sense, sports fans routinely hope for their star players to be terrible, right?

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