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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Swamp Devils pick the defining coach from hockey's first half of existence.

Lester Patrick, coach

Patrick is one of those rare coaches who proved he could win with any type of team in completely different eras. In the PCHA, his teams won using a hard nosed, defensive style. In the NHL, his teams won playing something closer to a run and gun style. As coach of the Rangers, Patrick had a firm grip on "1st Team All Star Coach" back when coaches were a part of All Star Teams.

Patrick was an innovator - Among other things, his influence led to creation of blue lines, penalty shots, forward passes, and changes on the fly.

A Lester Patrick coached team should be capable of playing any style of game and executing any scheme

(as a bonus, he can suit up for third string goalie if need be)
good pick.

Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
C/LW Jack Adams

I'm surprised he got taken as a LW again. In a 40 team draft, 16 more players become eligible to be a 2nd line LW and then he looks somewhat attractive (I really needed his skillset next to the tin man there). but with 32 teams I thought he'd end up back where he's more comfortable (and where I'd feel more comfortable with him) - 3rd or 4th line center.

Originally Posted by God Made Me View Post
1893 Montreal AAA are proud to select C Pierre Turgeon.
excellent value!

Originally Posted by tony d View Post
Garnish starts off their 3rd line by selecting, with pick 357 of the 2012 ATD, Centre Don Luce.

Some stats on Luce:

-26 Career Short Handed Goals (33rd all time in NHL history)
-1975 Masterston Trophy Winner, 1975 All Star Game Apperance
-554 Points in 894 Career Games

For more on Luce click the following link:

I've pmed the next guy up.
great pick.

Originally Posted by Sturminator View Post
seventies, I'm sorry I got snappy last night, but it is one of my personal pet peeves to see the intangibles of modern players blown grossly out of proportion simply because we have seen them. I was mostly not reacting to you, but when you demanded that I provide a rating of every single defenseman in the draft...well, I think I had a right to be a bit ticked about that.
I did say please

Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post
didn't taylor have longevity for his career over propp and larmer
I wouldn't say so, no. He played 100 more games but those 100 added nothing to his career. Without a doubt their best 600, 700, 800, 900 game segments are better than his.

Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
I suppose I'll take power-forward LW Gord Roberts to complete my second line.

Two great bios of him: Nalyd's, plenty of great quotes about how well regarded he was from newspapers. seventieslord bio; more all-encompassing.
good pick, he is the pre-merger winger I alluded to when replying to EB's Cleghorn pick.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
He's a very solid pick at this point, but I think it's a stretch to call him a power forward based on the information we have. He's an excellent 2nd line goal scorer with grit. Maybe a "power forward light."
Yeah, I found everything that could possibly be found on the guy to substantiate a power forward game and there is some stuff, but it's not that strong. I like the John LeClair comparison. maybe a bit more robust than that.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
With pick 361 the Swamp Devils select

Pete Mahovlich, C/LW
  • 6'5 210 pounds
  • Scored 100+ points twice (5th and 6th in scoring), heavily influenced by Guy Lafleur
  • Scored 60+ points 8 times and 50+ points 10 times
  • Overall: 773 points in 884 games
  • Selected to play in the 1972 Summit Series largely because of his penalty killing
  • Finished 1st in the 1974 coach's poll for best penalty killer
  • Finished 5th in the 1976 coach's poll for best stickhandler
  • Stanley Cups in 1971, 1973, 1976, 1977

Here's Dreakmur's profile from last time:
not sure about this one... this is your first questionable pick.

Originally Posted by DoMakc View Post
Thrashers select Jean Joseph Jean Denis Pronovost,RW
that's my name too! Whenever I go out...

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