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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
That goal is definitely on Giroux. What BP74 doesn't understand is that seeing that sort of defensive lapse from Giroux is pretty much in line with his defensive ability. It's not acceptable, but it shouldn't be unexpected. Bryz's second goal is something we've seen all season and is supposed to be something he stops; given his cap hit and and ability he should be expected to make that save pretty much every time.
I don't give Giroux all the blame.

I guess we have to assume they were in man coverage. If they weren't, then it's Kimmo's fault for staying with Roy (IIRC) all the way across the slot and then back out toward the right point and back. That essentially created a void on the left side.

Hartnell at LW did not stay with Myers when he pinched. He looked over his left shoulder and his man wasn't there, he was breaking down the boards. Then he motioned with his stick for Coburn to take Myers.

Coburn started to come over to cover Myers, but stopped when he realized that wasn't HIS man, but Hartnell's, then we went out too late.

Through all this, Giroux was supposed to take Pominville, but if not, at least make sure the cross ice pass didn't get through, in the absence of Kimmo in front rotating in behind Coburn. The puck got through.

There are three people to blame: Hartnell - if he checks Myers, there is no pass.
Coburn, if he knows which man to take, there is less time to pass.
Giroux, it was his man.
And possibly Timonen, if it was supposed to be a zone and he played man.

The only two who are completely unblameable are the RW (Talbot at the time?) and Bryz, who had to watch the shooter and the cross ice pass was too far out to intercept.

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