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02-17-2012, 01:15 PM
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I'm glad you haven't had issues, but I still think Sears imbibes fat gonad juice. Obviously the experience is fine if you have no issues. The test of good customer service is how a company handles things when issues do arise. For a company that supposedly prides itself on good customer service to drive profitability, their stated strategy appears to be theoretical in nature only. Having worked as a management consultant in the retail industry for years, I know bad customer service when I see it. Their business processes (returns, payment processing, DC-to-customer delivery, customer communications, corporate-to-store communications, etc.) have failed on so many levels, it's laughable. No wonder Sears's profits continue to dwindle as players like Target keep eating away at its market share.

All this to say SEARS SUCKS bro - trust me.

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