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Originally Posted by bert View Post
Pretty much all of the trade proposals on the last 2 pages are either so incredibly one sided in the sens favor or make absolutely no sense for either team.
Example #1 Northern Neighbours response to a poster suggesting that Greening has as much value as Stewart. Thank goodness some common sense.

Example #2

In what capacity do you actually think the Ottawa Senators are trading Kuba..... They are in a playoff spot he plays the second most of all d men on the team he leads the team in plus minus AND he is the only consistent D man on the team. He is also the best partner the franchise player on this team has ever had. YA LETS TRADE HIM. If anything this team needs not only 1 but 2 more Kubas.

This team more then anything needs another top 4 d man in a defense first mold that can play the right side with Cowen. After that they need another top 6 forward that can create offense and produce consistently.

Well the price tag for the top 6 guy is way too high for a team that has a really good base of young talent. The D man should be addressed, this teams organizational strength at the moment is young offensive forwards and depth bottom 6 forwards, if this team does make any moves thatís what will be going the other way.

The Sens have 4 D men that are bottom 6'ers (Phillips, Gonchar, Lee and Carkner) so they have a surplus of those too.

If they are trading for a big salary player they do have contracts to send back the other way to keep the trading partner above the cap floor (see Gonchar).

Grossman would have been a perfect fit and at what he went for its too bad the sens didnt get in on that deal.

Stewart would be a great fit however St Louis is contending if they deal him its probably for a player playing better then him right now thatís older. The sens donít have any of those available.
Ruutu is hurt, Phoenix is in the playoff hunt so that eliminates Whitney. The only top 6 forward I can see the sens potentially going for is Roy and he is a divisional rival and they will probably get outbid by another team that is closer to winning the cup.
So just because Kuba is having a good season we should resign him when we all remember how bad he's been in the past?

The day Kuba resigns with Ottawa is the day I stop becoming a Sens fan. Kuba is absolutely horrible. He's a slow skater, average defensively, and benefits offensively playing with Karlsson.

Kuba is not the reason Ottawa is winning and if he's a UFA in the offseason I say we trade him when his value is highest. He's not an important asset to this team and hopefully not in the long term plans.

That's said this team has commited to a rebuild and I don't see why trading a UFA for a high draft pick or a prospect is bad even if we're in the postseason. I still think even without Kuba we could make the playoffs.

We could always trade Kuba then trade for another defensman who is actually in our long-term plans. Someone like Suter, Gorges (I know he signed), O'Bryne, Wilson, or Johnson (just examples, don't actually want them)

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