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02-17-2012, 03:07 PM
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I've never been to the Bell Centre in another team's jersey, but I've seen a few people who have and honestly I can't imagine most of the people who attend the games caring one way or the other. Now - you may wind up next to someone who has five too many and decides he's going to exact revenge on Chara through you, and if you try and pick a fight you might find one. But in general most people are sensible about such things and those who aren't are isolated fairly early on and turfed. A few years ago (the year the Habs won the Eastern conference) I had the opportunity to attend a game (second round against Philly - I don't remember which game from that series). A Flyers fan had gotten tickets near where I was sitting and was being slightly more boisterous than he needed to be (nothing physical but he was making some rather lewd gestures with his replica of the cup). A Habs fan in front of him decided he was going to put an end to it, turned and went to push/punch/engage in some kind of physical altercation. Before I could blink one of the ushers (a very small young woman, no less) stepped between the two to put an end to the confrontation and the Habs fan was asked to leave by two burly security guys before play resumed.

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