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02-17-2012, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by b in vancouver View Post
Not about the hit (I know it'll come to no good)
I've watched Gallagher play a few times out here on the wet coast and I know in about two years I'm going to be screaming at the t.v. for someone to take his bloody head off. That's meant as a compliment. You will love him. Your talented special kind of pest is coming, although you might have to get a big body to ride shotgun with him. I guess Subban kind of plays that way but it's much harder for a d-man as any errant pass or getting burnt or missed hit could find the puck in the back of your net and all that chirping gets thrown back at you.
Good luck for the rest of the year.
Really hope your guys are able to get on a sustained run and make the playoffs. It just feels wrong when both Boston and Montreal aren't both in the playoffs.
That's good to know it will be funny if or when Gallagher beats up Marchand and then chirps about it after

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