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02-17-2012, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Dantes19 View Post
I understand that Rick Nash is clearly offensively superior to Dubinsky. I also understand that he's consistently been a 30+ goal scorer. Over the past 5 seasons, he's averaged about 34 goals per year. I guess my question, then, is this:

If the organization believes Dubinsky can rebound and score the 25 or so goals per year that he's clearly capable of, is that 10 goal per season upgrade worth the cost? Is that extra 10 goals per season worth adding a 7.8M contract for the next 6 years?

To me, it seems like a fairly clear "no". That contract is albatross waiting to happen, even though Nash is still relatively young. Plus, you have to wonder about how well he'll perform in NY, since, as we've seen, not everyone thrives in New York. There's also team chemistry issues to take into account, plus the extra cost (beyond Dubinsky, hypothetically) of acquiring Nash (Kreider? Miller? 1st? Who knows?).

Taking everything into account, it seems like the answer to the Nash question should "No". But then again, I'm not paid to make professional hockey decisions.

A voice of reason. Even if it was only the cash, say no to Nash. To include half the team in the trade, too? Ridiculous.

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