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02-17-2012, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Flipadelphia View Post
I would not go as far as to say Santino is a *pretty good techincal wrestler*.

He could be for all we know, but we have nothing to base it off of really. No doubt about it the man can probably work on par with most of the middle of the pack of the roster if they actually wanted him to work (he's probably not as bad as Miz/Riley/Otunga but he's probably not in the slightly-above-average-Kofi Kingston range).

When has Santino (as we know him) ever worked a singles match longer than 5 minutes where he gets a decent amount of offense in and actually worked a wrestling match? At least with Cena we have seen him do some things, Santino... not so much (but in fairness to Santino, has he really needed psychology/technical ability? All Santino needs is his trumpet deal, 2 minutes, when he's heel he'll get squashed/when he's babyface he'll hit the Cobra, then trumpet some more)
I think Santino is a trained in Judo or something like that.

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