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02-17-2012, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
you're paranoid. i brought it up on goal #1 because it was an AWFUL goal, a man ALL ALONE AGAIN.
I said both were bad goals, neither of them 'more acceptable'

YOU were the one who claims for goal #1: 'that's what you get' 'It sucks, but it's reality' 'the expectations are different' .... 'compared to Bryz .......'

wrong. wrong. wrong & wrong.

sure looks like it: see above &;


you said 'defensive personnel' .... and now are trying to zero in on G, but either way, there is nothing you can say to convince me that an NHL player doesn't know you can't leave a guy wide open at the bottom of the circle, especially after last week when I'm certain Lavy ripped them a new one .. wasn't it G himself who said they all need to do a better job & get mad & play better defensively?

and i will. as long as people like you focus on the poor D coverage when Bob plays
when Bob plays:

& then explain away that very same poor coverage when Bryz plays .... you didn't want Bryz here, so the more you can make it look like he is bad, the more 'right' you will look in the end.
it's obvious. you couldn't even resist yesterday: para-phrasing: "that poor defense is 'expected' from G, but compared to Bryz's bad goal, it's more acceptable"

they were equally bad, but you couldn't resist at trying to make Bryz's look worse. if anything, his 9 days off were a built in excuse ... and even I didn't use it on that goal
Because Bryz is being paid to cover some of the defenses mishaps. Bob is being paid as a back-up on an entry level deal.

Personally I blame the defense for most of the seasons mishaps, and give both goalies leashes for missing saves they should make...because they're human, and no goalie is perfect. Unfortunately the defense has been awful this season, and neither goalie has been able steal games this season, which is one is being paid to do now.

I'm one of Bryz's few supporters, but the fact of the matter is that he's getting paid VERY well, and hasn't been living up to it, for the most part...Though he has been much better of late, he does have a shorter leash for everyone because of that contract. And deservedly so.

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