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Originally Posted by kingsofLA View Post
Kings have the third best goals against average inthe league and JJ has been a big part of the solution. JJ is the 2nd most used dmen on the team. Now if u think his crap, thats fine. But he is far from what u think from him.
JJ actually hasn't been a big part of the solution. He's been on ice for 2.23 ES goals per 60, the worst on the team other than Alec Martinez. And he has been on ice for more goals against than goals for. And has the worst margin of this on the team (as shown by his +/-) but you can think what you want I guess.

The Flyers have the best offense in the NHL. But do you see me claiming that Braydon Coburn or Andreas Lilja or Zac Rinaldo or Jody Shelley are big parts of that?

Braydon Coburn plays big minutes for the Flyers but he is not in any way/shape/form good offensively. The Flyers offense is ranked 1st despite Coburn's lack of offensive ability, not because Coburn helps in that category. .

Much like the Kings are ranked so well defensively because of their scheme and because of the players that are actually talented defensively. They are succeeding despite Johnson's lack of defensive ability, not because he is a stud.

You can continue to spout off about how great he is, but I've seen him play several games; color me unimpressed. When the stats agree perfectly with what my eyes see, I tend to believe them. When you have 5 years worth of stats telling you a guy stinks defensively and stinks at even strength offensively, I tend to believe them.

I don't feel like running the numbers right now, but given the amount of time on ice we have for JJ over 5 years, the odds of the statistics just being a coincidence (ie. the statistics painting the wrong picture) is probably somewhere around 0.001% or worse.

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