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11-11-2003, 02:37 PM
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Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
I'm a troll now am I, Rivet has been with the team since 94, he fought, stuck up for the stars, was basicly a leader for his whole stay in Montreal. He is good with the media also. He is physical, he puts a good amount of points up per season. The guy should be playing, he may be off to a bad start but so is Iginla, should Calgary sit him?
Rivet never fought for stars in Montreal. He fought for Koivu exclusively because they're buddies. He's rarely if ever stood up for anyone else. Rivet has not been a physical force in Montreal since he was beaten down by Ruutu two or three years ago. He hasn't ever been Montreal's top defenseman and has seen his stock drop dramatically over the last year to the extent that the coaching staff paired him up with Bouillon in the hopes of sparking some emotion in Rivet's play.

This is not a case of Rivet having a bad start; it's a case of a player being overrated around the league because--as you said--he's a likeable person and has a lot of friends in the media (most notably: Pierre McGuire).

Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
Grow a clue buddy and stop resorting to insults, it makes you look pathetic.
Strange, I thought you were resorting to insults? :p Just as you have on any thread where people disagree with you. That's what makes you a troll; the fact that you come to HFBoards to spread your opinion as though it's fact, without taking other people's (possibly more knowledgeable about a specific topic) opinions into account or even discussing a topic.

This thread is a perfect example. Virtually every statement you've made about Hab players has been way off the mark, yet you insist you're right.

Originally Posted by JasonMacIsaac
Edit: Hossa has been consistant, HOMER, I already stated before that if you look at his stats and his play on the ice he is only consistantly playing poor. The guy isn't putting pucks in the net nor is he stopping them from going in. He uses he body well, so does Domi but that doesn't make him a good forward.

Traffic Patrolman, I am now moving along....
You can look at Hossa's stats all you want, but that's not indicative of his play. For you to call him 'poor' because you looked at the stats is ridiculous and certainly troll-fashion.

Hossa's play without the puck and dedication to the fundamentals of the game have improve dramatically. I daresay this is more important than his play with the puck, which is what most youngsters develop first. Hossa's been one of the few Habs that have been strong along the boards, creating room for Ribeiro and Zednik through pick plays and using his size in the offensive zone. He's started going to the net, and has been the defensive conscience of the line.

If you want to label me a homer (despite the fact that you're trying to convince me that Rivet's better than I think he is), that's fine. Read the post game threads, and see the praise that Hossa has received. It's been growing throughout the season for a reason.

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